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Between a famly vacaton, an out-of-town brthday party and trps to the lake, we have had to recently rely on relatves to help wth Lucy. When famly sn't avalable, we ask a lovely neghbour who s happy to have Lucy come to her house. As Lucy gets older, I can tell she would rather be n the comfort of someone's home, rather than us board her. Packng Lucy up for a few days, especally when she s gong to a house that s dog free, s a lttle d•erent than packng her up to go to a kennel. Here's my "go to" lst: FOOD – I always pack an extra porton n case we end up pckng her up later than planned (and saves my extended famly a trp and havng to figure out what food to buy!). BED – We make sure to wash Lucy's bed before we pack t. People are knd enough to help us, last thng we want to do s brng extra dog har nto ther house. Read all about how to pck the rght bed for your dog on page 17. BOWLS – Don't count on pet free houses to have extra dog dshes! A food mat s also thoughtful, we recently got one and we love t. TREATS – Somethng that I know Lucy loves and takes some tme to eat. Last tme we packed her some Greenes, a treat that gves her fresh breath too – a wn-wn for everyone! TOY – Lucy stll loves her Chuckt! and whoever s watchng her always gves her lots of exercse, so ths guarantees park tme s fun and trng. Ths fall & wnter, f you are takng your dog wth you to vst famly or leavng your pet wth frends, please travel safe (pets ncluded!). Happy readng, Product availability will vary by store location. Products may not be exactly as shown. Not responsible for typographical errors. Prices listed are in effect until March 31, 2017 and thereafter are subject to change without notice. Please note that the suggested retail prices referenced in Companion magazine are merely suggestions and may differ in stores. ©2016 PET VALU In this issue ®™ Trademarks used under license. PET VALU CANADIAN EDITION EDITOR Kellie McCutcheon DESIGN Kelly Natola CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Dave Summers, Michelle Edmundson, Alison Preiss CONTACT US Kellie McCutcheon Pet Valu Companion 130 Royal Crest Court, Markham, ON, L3R 0A1 For advertising opportunities, e-mail 5 › DOG GUIDES Meet our latest graduate 6 › PET APPRECIATION Thank you to our customers 9 › JUST KEEP SWIMMING Blue Tang Fish 13 › RILEY'S STORY Meet the Spokes "dog" 14 › DR. DAVE: ALTERNATIVE FEEDING Advantages to an alternative diet 17 › LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE The difference in dog beds 18 › HARNESS SAFETY How to chose what's best for your dog 21 › FALL LOOKBOOK Great apparel trends and styles 26 › TRAINING PADS Essentials to train your pet 27 › CAT DENTAL Keeping your cat's teeth clean 30 › A BURROWING BUDDY Your guide to Gerbil Basics 35 › KIDZ ZONE Fun for all ages! Cover Models, Phoenix & Indi are from our Pet Valu, Dundas & Dixie, Mississauga location Cover photo courtesy of Marcia Leeder Photography EDITOR'S LET TER Photo courtesy of Erin Elizabeth Hoos Photography LUCY enough to help us, last thng we want to do s brng extra dog har nto Item 76316

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