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PET VALU U.S. EDITION in this issue T ime to open up the windows and get outside! As a pet parent, I love when the temperature starts to change and Lucy and I can go from "walking with a purpose" to enjoying the outdoors again. Nice weather means I can start brushing Lucy outside again, keeping all of that loose hair out of the house. Every spring I also make a point to take her to a groomer for a thorough bath and brush to get rid of her undercoat (P.18). Bathing her myself is quite a big job in the spring as there isn't a puddle she doesn't like. Spring is also the the time of year I make sure we are stocked up on all my pet essentials including a gentle shampoo, a heavy duty skunk shampoo and flea & tick prevention products (P.16). Prevention is key to having a healthy spring, from flea products, to weight management (P. 10) to planting a pet safe garden (P.14). Learn all of our tips and tricks to having a safe and healthy spring for your family – pets included. 3 › Fun New Products In-Store ➜ 4 › Meet Raj Our favourite tree frog 5 › We are Pet Experts Learn about UC Davis and our Pet Expert Program 6 › War Dogs You helped raise $50,000! 7 › Choosing to Spay & Neuter Pros and Cons to help with your choice 8 › Behind the Scenes Meet Yara & Viola, our Cover Models 9 › Pet Parents Apps Some Must-Have Pet Friendly Apps 10 › Feeding Enough? Too Much? Dr. Dave talks Feeding Guides 12 › Litter Box Envy? Litter that is healthy for your cat & the environment 13 › Ready-to-Wear Fashion Find out why spring apparel is important 14 › Green Thumb? Tips & Tricks for gardening with your pet 16 › Flea & Tick Be prepared this spring 17 › Adopting a Bunny Things to Consider 18 › Spring Clean Up How our stores can help you 20 › Pet Valu Product Review Find out which products we loved! 22 › Kidz Zone Calling all artists! Happy reading, EditoR Kellie McCutcheon dESiGN Daniel Cullen CoNtRiBUtoRS Tera Cashen, Lua Emilia Gavin Carothers, Tracey Keegan Candace Eberts Kellie McCutcheon EDITOR Contact Us Kellie McCutcheon Pet Valu Companion 130 Royal Crest Court, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 0A1 For advertising opportunities, e-mail ®™ Trademarks used under license. Product availability will vary by store location. Products may not be exactly as shown. Not responsible for typographical errors. Prices listed are in effect until March 31, 2013 and thereafter are subject to change without notice. Please note that the suggested retail prices referenced in Companion magazine are merely suggestions and may differ in stores. ©2013 PET VALU Follow us on

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